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Maximojo and the Wand of Light - Bien, Julianne
libro esaurito
Bien, Julianne:
Maximojo and the Wand of Light - libri usati

ISBN: 0973483539

ID: 7847591

Time was slipping. Fast. Maximojo, a button-nose space dog, and Glitta, a solar-charged gizmo were zipping through space on an urgent mission. The new timekeeper Kalapsis, hurtled alongside, anxious to be installed for the upcoming millennium to ensure everything runs like clockwork for the planets and the stars. The Galactic Council sent the fabled duo far far away to a wobbly planet named Zalturn where they will uncover a nasty gang that rules beneath the planet's surface, as well tangle with a mysterious foe with some dark plans for Maximojo and Glitta. But the cosmic duo is not without friends. Maximojo and Glitta join forces with three of the most capable champions in the animal kingdom: Woofster, a canine and former junk yard guard on his last chance to prove himself; Meowlen, a fashionable feline ready to add another victory to one of her lives; and Whinniston, a proud equine who is determined to win the respect of his teammates. Together, they will face the biggest challenges of their lives. Can they accomplish their mission before the new timepiece for the universe is installed? Will the spectacular, incredible, undeniably inspiring Maximojo triumph over the enslaving forces that control the planet? Anything can happen in this galaxy at the flip of a coin '¿¦ used books,books Books, Spectrahue Light & Sound, Incorporated

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