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A Small Omnibus - Jerry Raine
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Jerry Raine:
A Small Omnibus - libri usati

ISBN: 1508644365

ID: 11557717

'A Small Omnibus' contains Jerry Raine's two highly acclaimed Chris Small novels 'Smalltime' and 'Small Change'. Chris Small is an average man, working in London off-licences without much hope or ambition in his life. In the first book Chris is mugged while taking the day's takings to the night safe, and gets into even more trouble when he tries to find out who the perpetrator was. In the second book Chris meets a young woman called Edie while on the train to work, and she persuades him to join her blackjack card counting team to outwit the casinos of central London. In both books Chris is sidetracked by the attentions of several women, which at least enlivens his usual mundane existence. Compared to the novels of British social realist Bill Naughton, Raine takes you into a small world where characters dream big to try and elevate their humdrum day-to-day lives. PRAISE FOR 'SMALLTIME'. 'The real find is Smalltime, a quietly jolting first novel that offers an unsparing look at some sullen hoods and their dead-end lives in an economically depressed London suburb.' NEW YORK TIMES. 'Begs comparison with such diverse social realists as Bill Naughton and George Orwell. The first British contemporary crime novel featuring an underclass which no one wants to acknowledge. Absolutely authentic and quite possibly important.' LITERARY REVIEW. 'In Hollywood parlance, Smalltime is Trainspotting's Irvine Welsh meets Stanley Kubrick (circa The Killing). A book to read slowly and savour.' INT used books,books Books, CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

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