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The Big Otter - Robert Michael Ballantyne
libro esaurito
Robert Michael Ballantyne:
The Big Otter - edizione con copertina flessibile

ISBN: 9781517218904

Paperback, [PU: Createspace], Cold comfort is naturally suggested by a bed of snow, yet I have enjoyed great comfort and much warmth in such a bed. My friend Lumley was particularly fond of warmth and of physical ease, yet he often expressed the opinion, with much emphasis, that there was nothing he enjoyed so much as a night in a snow-bed. Jack Lumley was my chum-a fine manly fellow with a vigorous will, a hardy frame, and a kindly heart. We had a natural leaning towards each other-a sort of undefinable sympathy-which inclined us to seek each other's company in a quiet unobtrusive way. We were neither of us demonstrative; we did not express regard for each other; we made no protestations of undying friendship, but we drew together, somehow, especially in our hunting expeditions which were numerous.

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